Eye Health

I’ve been having eye issues lately, and after a few trips to the eye doctor I thought I’d pass on some eye care tips:

1) the warm compress. Wet a washcloth with hot water and hold over your eyes for a minute or two. I do this twice a day, and it helps more than the eye doctor’s prescribed drops. It’s relaxing in general. Gently massaging the eyes feels good too.

2) artificial tears. I’ve started carrying these around with me (I like the Optive brand, which comes in a green bottle). But it’s especially helpful to use eyedrops right before bed.

3) avoid using your phone/mobile device in the dark. The combination of the bright screen and the tiny letters on that screen makes my eyes noticeably fatigued after a couple of minutes.

4) I have a great herbal pack especially for eyes. It has lavendar inside it. You keep it in the freezer. Since it’s cotton and herbs, it doesn’t freeze, it just gets nice and cool.


One response to “Eye Health

  1. University of Maryland researchers suggest that carotenoids, particularly lycopene may protect the eye against oxidative damage and play a critical role in visual function. The identification of lycopene and a diverse range of dietary carotenoids in ocular tissues suggest that these carotenoids, as well as other nutrients found in tomato-based foods, may work in concert with lutein and zeaxanthin to provide protection against age related macular degeneration and other visual disorders.

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