My First Speaking Engagement as Becoming Doctor Jones!

Mark your calendars: The Pedagogy Group presents a talk on creating and maintaining a successful academic blog. Tues, 4/7, University of Texas, Flawn Academic Center (FAC) Room 9 @ 4pm.

In this competitive job market environment, blogs are becoming an increasingly important means of representing our work and networking with others in our field. If you have thought about setting up your own blog, or want tips on how to expand one you already have, then join the CWRL Pedagogy Group in FAC 9, on Tuesday, 4/7 for a workshop that will cover much of what you need to know.

Pedagogy Group member Liz Jones-Dilworth will discuss how she maintains her own blog, Becoming Dr Jones. Specifically, she will talk about the genesis of her blog, what it has done for her professionally, and how she fashions a topic to make it relevant for her particular audience.

We are also delighted to welcome Josh Jones-Dilworth, of the international PR firm, Porter Novelli. Josh works with high-tech firms across the US, and he will be sharing valuable tips on how to start, maintain and develop a professional blog. Topics covered will include the visual layout of a successful blog, which blogging service to use, the basics of effective blog writing, networking, and how to sustain and expand your readership.

Cookies and beverages will be available, as usual. So, save the date: FAC 9, 4/7 @ 4pm.


7 responses to “My First Speaking Engagement as Becoming Doctor Jones!

  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I am also a doctoral student trying to finish a dissertation. Good Luck.

  2. Kevin Bourque

    Aw, man – was this seriously not announced until today? Or should I be paying closer attention to the listservs? Wish I could make it, Liz, and hope it goes swimmingly.

  3. Thanks for a great session! I’d always been curious, but seen sooo many bad self-indulgent blogs (that do anything but encourage to participate) to really feel comfortable approaching the idea of creating my own.

    Liz and Josh were both great at offering ideas and motivation not only wrap my head around blogging a different way, but also showed the path to getting started!

    My favorites were the “Jedi Mind Tricks” and Liz’s personal insights on her own blog and getting started.

    It was my third talk that I attended of the day and easily the best. I’d recommend it to anyone. :D

  4. becomingdoctorjones


    Thanks for stopping by this blog! I appreciate the warm thoughts.

  5. becomingdoctorjones

    We are both so glad you found it helpful! I had never heard Josh’s “Jedi Mind Tricks” either. If you start a blog, let us know when it’s up and running!

  6. I stumbled across videos of the workshop on the web (here’s the link in case you didn’t know about it.: I already have a blog, but the tips were really helpful. Thanks.

  7. becomingdoctorjones

    Glad you found it helpful!

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