I’m on track to finish the research phase of Chapter 2 in four weeks (compared to Chapter 1’s six weeks). I attribute my increased efficiency to the elimination of unnecessary research methods.

  • First time: I wrote out and then typed all my notes. Now: I cut and paste. I think I was overly concerned with my ability to remember everything I read last time. I’m more confident now.
  • First time: I transferred the complete chapter into the dissertation template used to format theses at my school. Now: I’m writing Chapter 2’s rough draft is in the correct format.
  • First time: A bit enamored with the volume of my research, I numbered each source chronologically. Now: I don’t waste time finding, assigning, and editing my “item numbers.”
  • First time: I entered bibliographic information into EndNote before I started looking at a source. Now: I wait until I’ve read it and only enter sources into EndNote that I believe I will cite in the chapter.

In general, I was a bit fussy and over-serious the first time around. I got off my high horse for Chapter 2, and my work is the better for it.


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