Dissertation Support Group Agenda

My DSG’s meeting agendas have changed a few times, but right now we have a system that is working awesome.  We can go through the agenda in about 1-1.5 hours with the three of us.

  1. Goals from last week.  Everyone briefly states how much they accomplished.
  2. Idea of the Week.  This is a way for each person to talk over a new thought–perhaps something an advisor suggested, perhaps something read in book.  We each respond to the other big ideas.  It feels wonderful to engage other people after working in isolation all week.
  3. Strategy.  We discuss various difficulties in our work routines, and offer suggestions to each other on new ways to approach problems.
  4. Goals for next week.  We each state our goals, and help each other refine them until they sound realistic and attainable.
  5. Pep Talk!  We end with some enthusiastic support and loveyness.

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